Excellent alternatives for reluctant readers

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What if your child is reluctant to read paper books? There are lots of tools that can be very helpful. Audiobooks are a great alternative and are ideal for long car journeys, as well as quiet moments at home.

They enable readers to hear intonation, pacing and various accents, as well as vocabulary at a level above their reading age.

Useful sources for educational books are the RNIB Bookshare website, and Listening Books which has an annual membership fee of £20. Amazon’s Audible Library membership starts at £8 per month.

Reading Pens may also be useful for older children and teenagers. You use the pen to scan over text, which you then listen to through headphones.

They cost around £190, so they’re quite a pricey solution if used solely for reading books for pleasure.

However, they can be very useful for young people who need to read an increasing amount of reading material at school. In fact, there are specified Reading Pens recommended as a reading adjustment for young people with SpLDs when taking national exams like GCSEs.

Many young people also enjoy listening to an audiobook whilst following the words on the page, though the listener’s reading speed may not match that of the audiobook speaker.