3 Windows 10 features that support dyslexic users

Apps to support dyslexia Shropshire

Windows 10 has a number of options that can support dyslexic users. Read on to find out about three of its most useful features.

#1. Text to speech is the computer voice to read aloud text. Search for “text to speech settings” to select the voice and speed you prefer. You can use this voice in Office apps to read aloud text. There is a Read Aloud tool in the Edge browser, the note-taking OneNote and recent Word 365.

#2. Try the Immersive Reader mode for OneNote and Word 365. Simply install OneNote (free) and the Learning Tools from OneNote. This provides a simplified reading mode and you can alter the colours, font size, style and line spacing to ease reading.

#3. In Word 2010 or 2013 and apps such as Powerpoint, you can add a text to speech button.