8 dyslexic leaders who changed the world

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From painters to entrepreneurs, find out about some of the most creative, influential and revolutionary dyslexic leaders of our time.

Leonardo da Vinci

Born 1452 – inventor, engineer, painter, sculptor

Albert Einstein

Born 1879 – physicist who developed the theory of relativity

Walt Disney

Born 1901 – animator who founded the well-known motion-picture production company

Richard Branson

Born 1950 – entrepreneur and philanthropist, founded the Virgin Group of 400+ companies

Winston Churchill

Born 1874 – British Prime Minister, military officer and writer

Duncan Goodhew

Born 1957 – Olympic swimmer, gold and bronze medallist in 1980

Benjamin Zephaniah

Born 1958 – poet, novelist and playwright

Henry Ford 

Born 1863 – American car manufacturer who pioneered the assembly line of car production.