Private dyslexia tutoring during COVID-19

Private dyslexia tutoring during COVID 19

The safety, wellbeing and progress of our students have continued to be priorities for Shropshire Dyslexia Tutoring since the outbreak of COVID-19.

Following a short pause to assess for safety and to adapt our provision, we are pleased to announce that all private tutoring lessons will move online for the remainder of Summer Term 2020.

This will enable students to continue their learning and development during term time. Progress feedback on students’ online learning will be delivered via video chat at the end of term.

The prices of all our packages and our hourly online lesson rates have been reduced with immediate effect until the end of August 2020 to support our clients at this time – please do email me if you would like a Price List.

Looking ahead to the Autumn Term, we shall assess nearer the time whether it is appropriate and safe to resume face-to-face lessons or to continue online tutoring.

For parents of students who are considering private tutoring from September 2020, we plan to offer a brief initial consultation meeting in August.

As face-to-face initial consultations, these will meet all requirements for safety, social distancing and hygiene. Alternatively, consultations may take place via video chat.

Should you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact me and, in the meantime, do stay safe and well.

Very best wishes,